Welcome to Hudson Chinese Hub, a badminton basketball pingpong gym

The only USATT- sanctioned Ping Pong club in the Dutchess County.

Enters the world's second most popular sport

All Level/ Age Welcome

From kids in rural Asia to professionals across the Atlantic, and anyone in between.


Art Class starts 1/7/2017

Martial Arts Class starts 1/7/2017

Family Fun Day Saturday 6/18/16

Discount coupon to local favorites, Sushi Village I and II. Inquire within.

Rubik's Cube Group

Professor Zheng's Art Class

Sushi Village Fishkill Ping Pong Tournament & Moon Cake Feast 10/3/15 Registration deadline extended to 10/2

New class offered.

<Double Happiness> Congratulations to our one and only Sam on his Bar Mitzvah and being elected Middle School President at Poughkeepsie Day School!

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MHCCC Mom's Day Celebration.

Table Tennis Now An Official Varsity Sport In NY Public Schools

Congratulations to our one and only Eric being inducted into National Junior Honor Society.

Greece & Belarus added to Players' country of origin

Congratulations to Ian and Chad for bringing home 2-gold 1-bronze from Westchester Open.

1 Set 11 Questions. Players' interview. Jim's Spin on the Floor vs Table

MHCCA tourney. The Journal reports 1, 2.

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When pro shooter meets pro hitter.